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  • Reflecting on what we teach in computing education and how we teach it 2022-12-07
    Reflecting is important within any line of work, and computing education is no different. Reflective practice is always valuable, whether you support learners in a non-formal setting, such as a Code Club or CoderDojo, or in a more formal environment, such as a school or college. When you reflect, you might for example evaluate a… […]
  • 768 teams of young people have entered Astro Pi Mission Space Lab 2022/23 2022-11-30
    This year, 768 teams made up of 3086 young people from 23 countries sent us their ideas for experiments to run on board the International Space Station (ISS) for Astro Pi Mission Space Lab. Mission Space Lab is part of the European Astro Pi Challenge, an ESA Education programme run in collaboration with us at… […]
  • Using relevant contexts to engage girls in the Computing classroom: Study results 2022-11-29
    Today we are sharing an evaluation report on another study that’s part of our Gender Balance in Computing research programme. In this study, we investigated the impact of using relevant contexts in classroom programming activities for 12- to 13-year-olds on girls’ and boys’ attitudes towards Computing. We have been working on Gender Balance in Computing… […]
  • Spotlight on primary computing education in our 2023 seminar series 2022-11-25
    We are excited to announce our next free online seminars, running monthly from January 2023 and focusing on new research about primary school (K–5) teaching and learning of computing. Our seminars, having covered various topics in computing education over the last three years, will now offer you a close look at current questions and research… […]
  • Celebrating the community: Selin 2022-11-24
    We are so excited to share another story from the community! Our series of community stories takes you across the world to hear from young people and educators who are engaging with creating digital technologies in their own personal ways.  In this story we introduce you to Selin, a digital maker from Istanbul, Turkey, who… […]
  • Introduce young people to coding with our updated projects 2022-11-17
    A year ago we launched our Introduction to Scratch path of six new coding projects. This was the first path to use our new 3…2…1…Make! approach for prioritising fun and engagement whilst enabling creators to make the things that matter to them. Creators learn how to add code, costumes, and sounds to sprites as they… […]
  • Take part in the Hour of Code 2022-11-15
    Launched in 2013, Hour of Code is an initiative to introduce young people to computer science using fun one-hour tutorials. To date, over 100 million young people have completed an hour of code with it.  Although the Hour of Code website is accessible all year round, every December for Computer Science Education Week people worldwide… […]
  • Out now: Hello World’s special edition on Computing content 2022-11-10
    Hello World, our free magazine for computing and digital making educators, has just published its second special edition: The Big Book of Computing Content. A special edition on the content we teach in the Computing classroom While Hello World‘s first special edition, The Big Book of Computing Pedagogy, focused on how we can teach Computing,… […]
  • At what age can a child start coding? 2022-11-08
    Coding, or computer programming, is a way of writing instructions so that computers can complete tasks. Those instructions can be as simple as ‘move a toy robot forwards for three seconds and then make a beep’, or more complicated instructions, such as ‘check the weather in my local area and then adjust the heating in… […]
  • Get kids creating webpages with HTML and CSS 2022-11-03
    With our new free ‘Introduction to web development’ path, young people are able to learn HTML and create their own webpages on topics that matter to them. The path is made up of six projects that show children and teenagers how to structure pages using HTML, and style them using CSS.  With all the website… […]
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