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  • Astro Pi Mission Space Lab 2021/22: The Results 2022-08-04
    It’s been an incredible year for the European Astro Pi Challenge. We’ve sent new hardware into space, seen record numbers of young people participate in the Challenge, and received lots of fantastic programs. Before we say goodbye to the 2021/22 European Astro Pi Challenge, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and the European Space Agency are thrilled… […]
  • Using e-textiles to deliver equitable computing lessons and broaden participation 2022-08-02
    In our current series of research seminars, we are exploring how computing can be connected to other subjects using cross-disciplinary approaches. In July 2022, our speakers were Professor Yasmin Kafai from the University of Pennsylvania and Elaine Griggs, an award-winning teacher from Pembroke High School, Massachusetts, and we heard about their use of e-textiles to… […]
  • What we learnt from the CSTA 2022 Annual Conference 2022-07-28
    From experience, being connected to a community of fellow computing educators is really important, especially given that some members of the community may be the only computing educator in their school, district, or country. These professional connections enable educators to share and learn from each other, develop their practice, and importantly reduce any feelings of… […]
  • Young people’s projects for a sustainable future 2022-07-27
    This post has been adapted from an article in issue 19 of Hello World magazine, which explores the interaction between technology and sustainability. We may have had the Coolest Projects livestream, but we are still in awe of the 2092 projects that young people sent in for this year’s online technology showcase! To continue the… […]
  • Learn how to teach computing to 5- to 11-year-olds 2022-07-21
    Introducing children to computing concepts from a young age can help develop their interest and attachment to the subject. While parents might wonder what the best tools and resources are for this, primary and K1–5 educators also need to know what approaches work with their learners. ‘Teaching computing to 5- to 11-year-olds’ is one of… […]
  • How to create great educational video content for computing and beyond 2022-07-19
    Over the past five years, we’ve made lots of online educational video content for our online courses, for our Isaac Computer Science platform for GCSE and A level, and for our remote lessons based on our Teach Computing Curriculum hosted on Oak National Academy. We have learned a lot from experience and from learner feedback,… […]
  • How do I start my child coding? 2022-07-14
    You may have heard a lot about coding and how important it is for children to start learning about coding as early as possible. Computers have become part of our lives, and we’re not just talking about the laptop or desktop computer you might have in your home or on your desk at work. Your… […]
  • Are you technocentric? Shifting from technology to people 2022-07-12
    When we teach children and young people about computing, do we consider how the subject has developed over time, how it relates to our students’ lives, and importantly, what our values are? Professor Pratim Sengupta shared some of the research he and his colleagues have been working on related to these questions in our June… […]
  • A pair programming approach for engaging girls in the Computing classroom: Study results 2022-07-07
    Today we share the second report in our series of findings from the Gender Balance in Computing research programme, which we’ve been running as part of the National Centre for Computing Education and with various partners. In this £2.4 million research programme, funded by the Department for Education in England, we aim to identify ways… […]
  • Computing and sustainability in your classroom | Hello World #19 2022-07-05
    Issue 19 of our free magazine Hello World, written by and for the computing education community, focuses on the interaction between sustainability and computing, from how we can interact with technology responsibly, to its potential to mitigate climate change. To give you a taste of this brand-new issue, here is primary school teacher Peter Gaynord’s… […]
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